Visit me at St James

Would you like to take part and see me sculpt your facial features into a clay bust? Over the weekend I will be doing a sculpting demo while a time-laps video captures me morphing a clay bust from one face to another… creating the ‘Everyman’ Guernsey bust.

Princess Elizabeth Hospital exhibition

I have just installed the last exhibition of the year at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital. The joyful ‘Guernsey Grockels’ by @Yazzphoto Thank you for the kind donation of your artwork. Lots of lovely comments while installing it. #ArtsInHealth pic.twitter.com/1DujP1FRZD — Lottie Barnes (@lottie_barnes) 27 December 2019

Chess set at Catherine Best

“La Table des Pions” Chess Set is now on displayed at Catherine Best’s Mill After it’s unveiling at the 45th annual International Chess Festival, the Guernsey vs Jersey chess set “La Table des Pions” is now on display at Catherine Best’s Mill from the 5th November. Artist Yasmin Mariess has being sculpting this chess set out of … Read more