Y & Y Designs

Y & Y Collaboration Ceramics

When I started my ceramic journey I reached out to local potters to see if anyone was interested in collaborating with me. Much to my surprise I met up with Yvonne Burford, a friend from my teenage years, and found that she had become a very skilled potter with 20 years experience.

We experimented with a few items, but the one that has proven popular is our lamp designs with a local touch.

Unique lamps are hard to find in Guernsey, but we now have an excellent selection to choose from.

Different Styles

Yvonne is a perfectionist. Every line, every movement she uses is economical. Every stroke deliberate, planned and executed to perfection.

Yasmin is an experimenter, most of her sculptures guesswork, instinctive, intuitive or plain lucky!

It’s an excellent combination. Yvonne allows Yasmin to ‘wreck’ her perfect creations by cutting into, adding on to and generally elaborating and embellishing her beautiful forms.